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WOO HOO! :squee: As you may know... i kinda am obsessed with Hetalia lately ^^; So there's no surprize when i say OMG I AM SO FLIPPIN' EXCITED FOR THIS!!!!!

Nyotalia is basically Hetalia:

...only here's the catch... IT'S GENDER SWAPPED! The boys, (which make up about 97% of all the characters) are now girls! Except... this lucky bastard who is still a guy and apparently the victim of extreme flirting from FemItaly. 

I think this is gunna be great! 
1.) It's a gender swapped episode! (and who doesn't love those?)
*cough cough*

2.) It's 20 minutes long! If you don't watch Hetalia, it probably isn't that facinating to hear since most anime are 22-ish minutes long... but Hetalia is more like 3-4 minutes long an episode (mostly because there ain't a whole lotta plot/story line, mainly just funny one-shots) 

3.) "New" episode! Not really, "new," but it hasn't been aired yet (hidden episode!) yup! It's new! 

4.) It's nice that they made this... there's been lots of fanart of gender-swapped Hetalia, but hey look! Now there's official art! 

HOWEVER, there is, A FLAW... :nuu:

*le gulp* it released in Japan TODAY... so that means... it won't be subbed for a while now :cries: But... it ain't too bad... maybe a week or two...

And also... dub won't be coming out till summer, which is kinda sad since the show is pretty great with all their accents! But whatever, more or less, I'm still really excited about this coming out! The series is really starting to make a comeback! (i thought that the fandum died out to be honest o_O) 

Unrelated, but also, i found out the ANIME is gunna be coming back! The comic is ongoing, but the anime had stopped. BUT, I found out it's coming back! Here's the bad news... not till...

2016!!!! *le flips a table* Too long for a fangirl to wait :faint: 

oh well! it looks like i'll have to deal with it! I can now look foward to Finding Dory and Hetalia at the same time! 

also... i haven't posted much lately ^^; i recently fixed my computer... all my pictures got wiped... and lots were things i was gunna post! D: so now... i got gotta find em' and i'll get back onto posting! Also, i'm learning digital so i'll try that technique out! Along with using my new colored pencils i got for Christmas!


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:squee: Thanks for visting my page! :squee:

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