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Okay well I never really left... I've been on and off checking my messages for the past few months. But... I have been a bit too busy and honestly forgot to submit stuff and to really do much of anything! what a lazy thing I am, I'm, surprized i still know how to do journals  

Sooooooo... I'm coming back and gunna not neglect my account anymore! :squee: 

This one's out for you, the 5 or so people who watch me (I love you guys!) 

Anyways... I have a lot to catch up on...

Last weekend I went to Anibash... (I'll post pics later) 

Did I tell you guys I have Pokemon Y? (send me friend codes!)

Cut my hair SHORT 

May be getting a kitten (my aunt found strays!)

I got like, a bunch of college stuff in the mail! (only in 11th grade wow!)

I've discovered new anime! (Free! Hetalia, Oreimo)

aaaand have an active Tumblr again (Swedens-Wife-Finland, My-Stuffed-Dialga I need to make pretty again)

So yeah basically that's it... nuthing much has changed ^^"
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  • Reading: Currently... the Black Butler Manga
  • Watching: Trying to catch up on Free!
  • Eating: Junk Food
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:squee: Thanks for visting my page! :squee:

Tumblr Blogs I have <--- My everything blog (needs some work :/)… <-- My Hetalia blog

My Hoenn Team:

Swampert ♂ Lv 64 (Hardy Nature)

Breloom ♂ Lv 64 (Bold Nature)

Flygon ♂ Lv 64 (Quirky Nature)

Manectric ♀ Lv 64 (Jolly Nature)

Ninetailes ♀ lv 64 (Hasty Nature)

Azumarill ♀ Lv 63 (Relaxed Nature)

Fandums i'm into (if you are too message me let's be nerds together )

<img src="

Fictional characters that i probably talk about way too much


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Thecoltanddagger Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the Fav!!
TiaSunflower Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the fav!
xXShadow-BlizzardXx Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
oh no problem :love: keep up the good work hun
Lightning-hydreigon Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just thought of a new theory of sorts we must discuss: Pokemon warfare. Like technology that replicates Pokemon attacks and Pokemon soldiers and such
xXShadow-BlizzardXx Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
oh that's a great theory! :meow: 

Okay this seems to be pretty interesting...

Well for starters... let's talk about the theory (but it's most likely truth) of the Kanto War. I'm pretty sure you've heard of it but just in case someone else hasn't. You live in a town consisting of mostly women, children, and elderly people. There are very few adult males within your town, let alone the game itself. You have no father (most likley, went to war and died) and your rival has no mother or father and is left in the care of an elderly professor (his parents both most likely went to war and were both killed) Lt. Surge even mentions the war, saying how "...Pokemon saved me back in battle kid!" Also, Pokemon Tower is huge, and not every grave stone has a visitor. Some Pokemon from war most likely were buried here. 

Now, my friend and I actually were talking about this a few days ago ^^; he said most likely, It was a war between Kanto and Johto. One, they're both close together. But most importantly, both regions are very very similar. Simple Technology, not many big cities, and an absence of adult males and a majority of women, children, and elders. Now in the other regions, you do not see this. Hoenn up you see regions with vastly improved technology (Hoenn is still a little behind, but there are larger cities, the Slyph Co. in Rustboro City, and even the Battle Frontier.) But you can see a huge improvement in technology and even the amount of adult males. For example, Hoenn, you HAVE a father! so do both your rival(s)! Sinnoh, large cities all over the game! Sunnyshore City even runs on solar panels! (like, wow that's a HUGE improvement from Hoenn and Johto) Unova and Kalos, are basically modern day (an amusement park for crying out loud!) Also, in all 4 regions you don't see mainly children, women, and elderly, you see adult males walking about, working in shops, even living at home with their families. 

Now, why mention this? Well, in Kanto and Johto, without sufficient technology they actually need to send in soldiers, they couldn't use technology to fight. That shows why so many adult males (the typical and desired soldier) are rare in both regions. Without high levels of technology, war weapons (lets say, high powered guns, grenades, mines, nukes, ect) would not be able to be used by the soldiers in war. But they have to go in with something right? That's were Pokemon come in! 

Now, people have been using Pokemon for battle for years. Ever seen Lucario and the Mystery of Mew? They have Pokemon in armor, Nidoking, Onix, Houndoom, while the humans have sheilds and swords/spears. Now, during the brief fight seen, you barely see any kind of moves. They pokemon are just ramming into the enemy's Pokemon/soldiers. (Houndoom used flamethrower, but that's not really a warfare-like move it's more of in it's characteristics) That was 500ish years ago, and even though Kanto and Johto aren't very advanced... they've come farther than these days in technology. 

Genetic Engineering. I believe that's how Pokemon learned warfare-like moves. We've seen it before, we know it's present in Kanto (ex: Mewtwo) In the war times, people did not enlist scientists into the army (how all professors, Bill, scientists, all are adult males yet are still present in the game, they were spared from having to fight) Technology like enginnering new moves for an entire species, would take a while! The soldiers fought with the Pokemon's natural moves, but for both sides, this must not have been enough to use in war since most of the adult males never returned. 

Over the years as the fighting scientists gradually developed technology to enhance Pokemon with these, warfare-like moves, and released them into battle. Both regions must've developed this technology (since in both regions pokemon know these kind of moves) But, still many people died and when the battle was over, the Pokemon were no longer in use and released them into the wild. They bred with both their species and Pokemon of the same Egg Group, and therefore passed on the newer moves that they were taught, which is how Pokemon who weren't even part of the war know these moves. 

Moves I think could have been taught:  
egg bomb 
seed bomb
pin missle 
secret sword
sword dance
sacred sword
flash canon
iron head
Sky Attack 
Sky Drop
zap cannon 
Techno Blast
(think of any more lemme know :D )

Then there's the topic of Genesect... which kinda ties the whole theory together. Genesect was literally created to be a weapon by Team Plasma (not for war with another region but for world domination so kinda same thing) 

Have you heard the other theory (boy this is long xDD) of how Genesect is just a modified Kabutops?…

there's alot that can be said about it but overall I believe it. One, team plasma is in a HIGHLY TECHNICAL REGION and they have AMAZING SCIENCE/SCIENTISTS (ex: Colress was able to create a device to command Reshiram) so this is definatley possible for a simple  Kabutos to take this kind of transformation. Their overall body shape is alike, they both roamed earth "...300 million years ago..." (according to Pokedex entree) And, it even says Team Plasma modified it, so it must have been created by some sort of Pokemon (by appearance,  I say Kabutops) 

Gensect is the ONLY pokemon to learn to Techno Blast... Team Plasma taught it that to help with fighting... so it's highly probably, Pokemon must've been engineered to learn certain Military-like moves and such, and that people without a doubt use pokemon as war weapons. 
Lightning-hydreigon Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well the war theory wasn't exactly what I was taking about. I was thinking more along the lines of what Pokemon would be best to use in warfare and such. Though you do have very good points in your evidence.
xXShadow-BlizzardXx Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
ahh okay

hmm well essentially any pokemon that knows that list of moves would work excellent. 

Lt. Surge (manga, games, anime) says electric type pokemon helped him in the war... so appariently any electric type pokemon you could think of would be perfect. (Raichu, Pikachu, Magnemite, ect) since electric type moves can hit from a distance, paralyze if not kill, and are usually a sure-hit (ex: shock wave never misses) plus on the battlefield, electric type pokemon could help with lighting, restore any generators/lanterns, and overall would be very useful. 

I would believe the same would go with (most) fire type pokemon (cook meals, heat, start a campfire, set off explosives) But i would say the quick and agile ones (Houndoom, Arcanine, Pyroar) would be best for that type. (Houndoom were seen in battle in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, Arcanine you could freakin' ride into battle) 

speaking of riding into battle, horse pokemon. In history, many battles were fought on horseback, so i wouldn't be surprized if they were used in the pokemon world too. Rapidash would be a prime choise, and Zebstrika as well. Both types would be excellent on the battle field, and both can be ridden. 

Explosive pokemon (electrode and voltorb) like i said in the last comment i feel would be good too. They don't care what pokemon's life is at stake, so using them as a suicide-bomber to attack the enemy would be effective. Plus, they're small and could easily sneak by, or could be buried almost like a mine :cries: 

I say, pretty much all type of pokemon could be used in war-fare... i mean there are so many types of fighting. 

Air stikes, use bird pokemon. Pidgot, Swellow, Ferrow, any large bird pokemon would work. I say the best two choices are Ferrow, sharp ass beak, and Skarmony, sharp ass beak, sharp ass feathers, sharp ass claws, it even comes with armor and is freakin' fast! plus, dragon types. Charazard, air-strikes, fire moves, can carry people. 

water battle, Gyrados would be my first choice to attack ppl via the water. Blastoise, Swampert, Empoleon (swims fast) any final evolution to starters would work. 

land battle…

now besides the quick "killer" pokemon i say use strong, rock/steel-type pokemon to push out the enemy, crush em', destroy shit, and just to hold them back from entering lets say a city or specific area. Kidoking/Kidoking, Onix/Steelix, Ryhorn and it's evolutions, Tyranitar, Psuedo-legendaries of this type. 

now next to power pokemon y'all would need "strategist" pokemon (ex: magenmite could use thunder wave and paralyz troops) For this bug-type/grass-type pokemon would work the best I think. Poison powder, sleep power, grasswhistle, stun spore, toxic, sing, ect. all good for weakening the troops. Hell you could even have an Absol or Medicham use Future Sight an attack a troop without them knowing when it's coming. 

Lastly, care. Cansey, Blissey, Audino, are the obvious healers. Softboiled if you wanna use a move and they just know nursing in general. Milk Drink from Miltank heals both pokemon and people. Delibird, Pelliper, Dragionite, all use to carry messages/stock. A Lapras could easily lift injured people from water/carry them to islands. And a pokemon that knows dig (let's just say... a Dugtrio) could for one attack beneath an enemy using dig/earthquake, and could get people out of a dangerous situation (like, mustard gas, or a shit ton of poison power) 

one last thing, moves like Toxic Spikes, Iron Spikes, Stealth Rock, Sticky Web, would be a good move to set on the field before hand (like an electrode mine) to injure the enemy for the battle even gets going

In general, most of the types would be excellent in battle, so all that need to be done is check each type for fast, agile pokemon, pokemon with the correct battle moves in that type, and if not agile and fast, strong and bulky like a wall. 
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hetaliafangirl01 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I lie ur hetalia pics in ur id especialy the 1 with the countries as spongebob characters and mostly FRANCE but also L
xXShadow-BlizzardXx Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hahaa thanks Bouncing La Emote I actually got em' all off Tumblr (that website... craaaaaazyyyy amount of Hetalia art >w< )

And ikr the Spongebob one i found hilarious  :lmao: 

L... he's a dear :love: I've read all the manga... just haven't finished the anime (I like the manga more for this series in my own opinion) 
SidLuvsWriting Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014   Writer
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